AUTAVIA 11063 V Tutorial

Autavia 11630 Tutorial

Here some general features including pictures to make your next Autavia 11063 V purshase a success:

The main impression is when you see this case, that it is more massive and raw than those from the earlier years. Whilst the 1163 and the 11630 case does look more round, the 11063 V case is more squared: this effect is mainly due to the fact that no facet cuts are used around the lugs.

The difference is obvious: if you look from the side you see that the bezel is not only thicker, but, that the fluted edges are much deeper, sharper in the edging: simply more raw design. The bezel insert is really inserted whilst the 11630 bezel insert (as the 1163 bezel insert also) is located on the top of the bezel. The 11630 and 1163 bezel inserts can thus be removed without damage. For the 11063 V you damage the bezel insert.

As with all 11063 V watch comes with mineral glass crystal: the crystal should be not lower or higher as the bezel level.

The pushers are not embedded in the case and contain 6 flutes: the so called "fluted pushers". The size of the pushers head is always 4.82 mm = 0,188 inch. More or less these pushers are similar to the 11630 version: however the breaks between the single flutes are softer when compared with the overall raw design of the 11063 V: here the flutes have always very sharp edges.

Of course the design of the case is very different from the 11630 case: here the main differences: no facet cuts at the lugs (see white cycles); cut-outs for the pushers (not as deep as with the 1163 case; see green cycles); the surface area from the bezel to the lugs and first polished side line is bigger, which makes this watch more massive (red cycles).

Case backs are both the same design for 11063 and 11063 V: but only for the 11063 V version: Skipper, Diver 100, 11063 V black dial; 11063 V MH and the 11063 VNT and GMT the case back is plain.

For the PVD versions you have the following lettering engraved: "Swiss Made * Waterrestistant 200 Meters Tested* Stainless Steel" and in the middle of the case back: "Swiss since 1880 and the Heuer Logo". Above the Swiss Since 18080 letters you have the model number engraved. Most of the black or green version have a large "M" on the back for their military origin (mostly Argentinian origin from the Falklands) ; somtimes also numbers or combinations of a "M" with numbers (mostly Israelian origin). These letters are punched not engraved and can have various positions. You hardly get them without engravement (lucky me!). Still all the PVD's have the 11063 V under the PVD coating at the lug.


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left hand = 11630 case ; right hand = 11063 V case: white cycle (no facet at the 11063 V case lugs); green cycle (non embedded pushers at the 11063V); red cycle (bigger surface area with the 11063 V case); blue cycle (big and various differences in the bezel design)